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About The Artist

From my earliest days of playing piano my whole life has been about music. After playing piano for about 3 years I took up guitar and have been playing for 7 years and still play today. I DJ and produce Trance/Progressive/House music under the name Lumera. In addition to all that I also an active web master and graphics designer.

My style of music can be described as dark/melodic with a progressive arrangement. Many of my tracks have more focus on melody than percussion but in the future I do wish to do more techno based tracks that focus more on builds rather than harmonies.

How it Started

What really drew me into electronic music from the very start were the amount of emotions you got from it. I always noticed that there was never really any feeling behind a lot of the songs I was hearing on the radio. I would like them, but I would never really be as moved as I would have liked. When I first heard "Silence" by Delerium I instantly connected with it because it was exactly what I was looking for. It was a combination of so many different feelings that exhilarated me and I had to have more. From where I began it has really just been a long learning process but I am progressing everyday and I hope to get more people's attention with my material.

I am currently signed to Fuzion Four Records and Cloudland Music but I am still open to signing to new labels. In addition to Lumera I am also a part of Lucid Evolution which is comprised of me and DJ Salerno. This collaborative group will encompass what we hope to be a sound that is unique in the music world and not something that has been done before. We are currently looking for talent in the Georgia area to collaborate and add to our growing circle of artists we know. Feel free to drop us a line if you are interested in working with us on something!

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